Monday, November 30, 2015

Things In Herds, Always Disappear

One band that caught my attention very early on in the indie scene was Things In Herds comprised of Pete Lush and Miss Ping. Their song Always Disappear just had, what I felt, was a very whimsical and fun sound to it, and of course it was very different than a lot of other songs I had heard at the time. In many ways I thought that Things In Herds had an almost Coldplay like feel to it—although on a different level. Perhaps it was the pure rawness in the way that the song was presented, something I have always enjoyed when it comes to music of any style. Unpolished, pure, and of course fun and interesting.

Songs like these, and recording them in this way, is always reminiscent of old garage bands or those new groups you stumble upon in bars and nightclubs.

I enjoyed the song Always Disappear enough that I decided I wanted to tab it out for myself and give it a go. Back then I was new to recording and if I remember correctly, used N-Tracks to put together all of the parts. Most of the time when it comes to drums, I write those out using Fruity Loops—a little time consuming, but worth it in the end since I do not play drums and do not own a drum set, but of course want some percussion to accompany anything I happen to be playing.

While my cover doesn't nearly capture the true fun and whimsical nature of this song, I think it still accomplished what I wanted it to do when I recorded it.

Incidentally Things In Herds is one of those groups that have been fairly quiet on the scene for some time. I think they still play live, but I have not heard of anything new hitting the streets from them recently. Nonetheless, besides Always Disappear, there's plenty of other great songs from this band to enjoy. If I am to be on anything, it's that Pete Lush and Miss Ping do have something in the works, and hopefully we'll be hearing some new stuff from them soon.


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