Friday, January 29, 2016

Lyrics of 102 Idle Stones by Jim Bauer

102 Idle Stones
Words and music by: Jim Bauer
Recorded: January 2005
Released: March 2014
Album: Pink Flamingoes


I feel the cold dirt beneath my feet
I feel cold bony hands reach for me
Will someone release me from their reap
Untether me, cut me from this sea
Crooked, cracked these idle stones
The seal is worn from restless bones
Something has opened up the gate
The ground is breaking and it's too late
A sea of darkness come over me
The silence penetrates, and I can't scream
Menacing madness in the fray
Watch me break as I slip away
Save me from this unending pain
Crooked, cracked these idle stones
Crooked, cracked these idle stones
Crooked, cracked these idle stones
Drowning in a sea of blood and bone
Crawling, there is no one to save my soul
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