Thursday, September 8, 2016

Blue Bedroom Sessions MGMT Electric Feel Acoustic Cover

In following along with my theme here, sometimes when it comes to finding great music and great artists—and let's face it, great cover music—you simply have to turn off the radio. Today is the age of the Internet, self publishing, and the opportunity to share with such a larger number of people what you've got.

Let's take the song, Electric Feel. On its own, this is a great song by the brilliant masterminds of music who call themselves MGMT. The song itself sort of sounds like a combination of an old disco sound coupled with a poppy undertone and something from the 1980's, but with a bit more pizzazz and gusto.

It really is a cool song with a great vibe, great melody, and of course as one would expect, lead singer Andrew VanWyngarden delivers the lyrics masterfully. His voice always seems to manage to take you to another place, which in many ways is what music should do for any listener when the music is good.

But there is another version of this song out there, and if you ask me it is just as good, and dare I say, perhaps even better than the original. Maybe it is because I just like the stripped down versions of music—in other words, turn off all the synths, and break down all the sound effects in the backdrop, and just yank out wood and strings and just play.

Take a song like Foster The People's Pumped Up Kicks acoustic version and you immediately get what I mean. I love the song, but when I listen to it these days, it's the acoustic version I go after most often. It's just better stripped down.

And that's exactly what you get when you go over to Katie van Amerom's YouTube page and find a "Blue Bedroom Session" performance of MGMT's Electric Feel. And it is an amazing performance to say the least. Like I said, in some ways it may actually be better than the original version of this song.

Besides the song being done marvelously, you have to admit that Katie's kind of cute as well, and so even if there is not much going on in the video other than her and her cohorts jamming together in a blue walled bedroom sitting on a rather large bed, it is still a fun video to keep an eye—or both—trained on.

And by the way, Katie's voice is as crystal clear, melodic, and take you to another place as is VanWyngarden's. It's just a marvelous performance through and through.

Since hearing this version of the song I have not had a chance to take a look at some of the other "Blue Bedroom Sessions" or Katie van Amerom for that matter (by the way, it is just a coincidence that both her and VanWyngarden have "van" in their names?), but you can bet it is on my radar and I certainly will eventually.

This video deserves a watch, and certainly Katie and the rest of the crew who accompanied her on this song deserve a huge pat on the back for a job well done, and for masterfully making what is already a great song their own without changing much of the basic structure of the song to get it done.

This is art, folks, plain and simple.

While you're at it, why not check out Jim Bauer's cover video of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer," which is also an acoustic version. Not nearly as masterful in any way as the Blue Bedroom Sessions or Katie van Amerom for that matter, but a fun listen in any event—according to a very small group of people. But growing? Who knows. All I can say, and all I know, is that regardless of any "accomplishment" on the song, I had fun doing it. Although I was sitting in a chair rather than lying on my bed.

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