Sunday, May 28, 2017

You Are Me, I Am You

"There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: music and cats." — Albert Schweitzer
There are those who are born into great talent, and who excel and achieve making it to the "big time" with nary an effort. They're just made to be musicians and to share what they do with a world full of eager, listening ears. And through the ages there have been a great many brilliant musical minds who have graced us with their notes and vibes and riffs—beautiful melodies and driving rhythms. The soulful Janis Joplin comes to mind. The genius of Jimi Hendrix is certainly among them. And there are countless others; Michael Jackson, Prince, Elvis Presley, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Chris Cornell, and Kurt Cobain.

There really is not enough room to include everyone.

To that end what I always have said about music in general, whether the music comes from greats or just a guy who decided to start a small band in his garage—to a guy like me who just does it for fun—it does not really matter in the end what the style is. People gravitate to all kinds of sounds, to all kinds of rhythms, to all kinds of melodies.

I do not put myself in any league with any of these greats to be sure. I only illustrate that even among some of the greats there are those who might argue against the talent. No matter.

Musicians, and people in general, do what they do, listen to what they like, and really the brilliance and greatness of the world we live in today is that we get to hear it all. The good, the bad, the great, and the phenomenal.

And we get to share it as well. All of it. The best of it and the worst of it.

Interestingly enough to me is that a site like Bandcamp and Jango tend to be great places for one to share and "try things out." My best received songs have actually been songs I thought would never get any attention at all.

Here is my latest attempt. I hope you like it. It's not great. It's not intended to be. It's just me, the hobby I do, and as I said, I get to share it and let you decide whether it is a thumbs up or a thumbs down.

You Are Me, I Am You by Jim Bauer

by Jim Bauer
Released May 26, 2017
Am                Dm                                                Am
Sittin' on the front porch, and I'm talking to the old man
                            F                                  G                                  Am
He hands me the torch, says walk in my shoes and you'll be all right
                       Dm                                                Am
Said he'd had dark days, and you're gonna have them too
                                 F                              G                                     Am
Take the bull by the horns, says just be a man, do what you gotta do
               Dm                              Am
He was a wise man, I could see was true
                               F                  G                  Am
He said I'm you're dad, you are me, and I am you

F           G          Dm Am   F                        G                    Dm    Am   F
Feeling now that I   re — gret, the days we lost what we might have said

C                G    Dm Am               C    C/B  G
But there's on — ly now, we can make it   up
C                 G    Dm Am                 C     C/B  G
There's still time to fill, to fill this emp — ty   cup
C        G   Dm Am                    C   C/B G
Yesterday is gone, no sense in looking back
C          G    Dm Am              C    C/B  G
Oh, the time is now, to get it back on   track

Am                Dm                                                Am
Sittin' on the front porch, and I'm talking to the old man
                         F                      G                              Am
Says what I've done, no I ain't proud, but it's who I am
                     F                            Am
Said dad it's okay, got me some demons too
                        F                 G                  Am
Said I'm your son, you are me, and I am you
                   F                     G                        Am
You're my dad, I'm you're son, and we are one



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